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But as these tips show, by preparing well and adopting the right attitude you can learn to control your pre-interview nerves and channel them into something positive... 8 ways to prepare for a legal job interview, How to maximise the first five minutes of your interview, Essential dos and don'ts for Skype interviews. Some brief suggestions for lawyers on how to prepare for, and what to expect from, a legal directory interview. For more interview tips read our blog on 7 ways to stand out from the competition. Not sure where to do your GDL, LPC, BPTC or LLM? During in-house legal interviews it can be very off-putting to an interviewer when the interviewee knows nothing about their company. “You should only mention those jobs you’ve actually had a significant input in, the ones that you’re willing to talk about in detail. You might want to ask yourself: “Once I start the job, how might I contribute to making the firm more competitive?” To do that you need to have up-to-date knowledge of the legal field, the firm you are applying to and their competitors. Law firm interview tips Familiarize yourself with recent court rulings. The second example provides much more detailed information that can give recruiters a better understanding of your professional background. Concentrate on the interview at the interview. Find out what life is like as a lawyer in different areas of the UK. Top Tips On How To Prepare For A Legal Job Interview. You have been invited in to interview because the hiring manager believes that your background and experience is a good match for the role. As a senior lawyer you’ll have a couple of career success stories to help enhance your personal brand and qualifications, but it’s important not to sound arrogant. During your paralegal interview, your interviewer will try to gain evidence of your logical decision-making. Prepare some answers to potential interview questions beforehand. Research skills are strong in a successful paralegal, and you need to put yours to work in interview preparation. Preparing for the Law Firm’s Interview Questions. Don't arrive too early, and if you’re unavoidably delayed try to let them know as soon as you can and apologise on your arrival. Presenting yourself in a professional and respectable manner on the day of the interview is just as important as arriving at the interview well-prepared and knowledgeable of the company. Legal Counsel Interview Questions. You should focus on your contribution and the skills you used. 8 ways to prepare for a legal job interview Though the legal industry is currently one of the strongest sectors for recruitment growth, job interviews can be a daunting process wherever you are in your career. “Join as many online forums and conversations as possible to make sure your knowledge stays topical and up-to-date,” she suggests. An interview is intended to be an interactive process during which the interviewer and the interviewee exchange relevant information through structured questions and answers. For example, you might ask about training or opportunities to contribute to and develop the role that you are applying for. Group Home | About Us | Investors | Sustainability | News | Careers. US firm? Some key things to remember: being late is one of the worst things you can do. “Once you’ve explained these roles, ask the hiring manager if they want you to go into further detail. Regardless of whether you’re preparing for a traditional interview or some sort of variation of it—such as a video interview or an assessment centre—there's an etiquette to bear in mind! Look for their knowledge of legal office procedures, terminology and protocols. by Ryan Pryce. The interview gives you the opportunity to bring your experience to life and demonstrate the value this can bring to their organisation. If you're currently on the hunt for a Training Contract or Vacation Scheme, head over to our Law Jobs section. Research and familiarize yourself with the company with whom you’re interviewing. A law firm produces many highly important documents that need to be … You are there because you deserve to be there. “It’s not all about technical skills and knowledge these days — legal candidates need to demonstrate their ability to handle different stakeholders.”, This is particularly important for in-house legal counsel roles, she adds: “Effective legal counsels will not only need to demonstrate their legal expertise, but also strong commercial acumen and an ability to partner with multiple teams across the company to help the business develop.”. Law and Legislative questions and skills ( these are seldom a main focus though, but it is best to be prepared ) Legal job interview questions & answers Learn from partners and grad recruiters at some of the best law firms in the UK. They may have a background in corporate law, a track record of working in-house, or currently be employed at a law firm with no in-house experience at all. A law assessment centre is a selection process you’re likely to go through when applying for a training contract or a vacation scheme. “Not only will this highlight your work experience and qualifications, but it will also help build your personal brand and show hiring managers that you are someone they want to work with.”. Reason for applying for this particular legal job. Skip your personal history and give about 2-3 sentences about your career path and how you ended up in this interview, applying for this job. Make their job easier by giving them as much detail as they require. Part of The early careers experts. Be prepared to answer questions about this and convey your enthusiasm to recruiters. As part of our Annual Associate Survey, we inquired about the types of questions the firms ask during interviews. If you find yourself beginning to waffle, just remind yourself of exactly what you are trying to communicate and get yourself back on track. Compare the following answers: "I did some work experience at a couple of law firms during my university holidays. Try to focus on the field of law they specializes in. It can last a few hours or spread over a couple of days. We also have websites for finance careers, graduate jobs, apprenticeships and school leaver programmes. Touch base with your references before the interview to make sure that they are available, and to give them notice that they might be contacted. However, if you would like to, you can change your cookie settings at any time. A phone interview is a way of screening out candidates, so that a shortlist can be created for face-to-face interviews. It is even more likely that the bulk of the interview will be focused on assessing these competencies. If you go into the interview knowing that you have a good grasp of the company, the job and your own abilities, you will be able to answer any questions thrown at you during the interview in a clear and well-informed manner. Use a quiet location, where you won't be disturbed by noises and people. You should be ready to … They might also assess how you transmit your enthusiasm in other ways during the interview. Research the company thoroughly. Search for postgraduate law courses here. The interview. Being able to communicate clearly and concisely while under pressure is an essential quality of any good lawyer. Take a look at these law schools and find the right course provider. How to Prepare for a Legal Job Interview. Interview Tips for a Legal Secretary. Keep calm and take it one step at a time. A candidate’s CV is their chance to sell themselves to their potential employer so it’s important they make the most of it, says Lindy Ho, legal & corporate secretarial manager at Robert Walters’ Kuala Lumpur office. They are interested more in how you approach the task than your final estimate. If you need more job interview materials, you can reference them at the end of this post. There are a great number of practical steps you can do to prepare for a job interview. For example, if it is a phone interview, ask a friend to call you to practice answering questions over the phone. While you can't predict exactly what questions you will be asked, you will usually have enough information to be able to identify the competencies being assessed. Once you’ve done your homework preparing evidence for each of the competencies, you should be prepared to answer questions about commercial awareness. 4/12/2012 9:25:33 PM Bring a copy of your resume with you to the interview in case the interviewer does not have one on hand. Think about a time in the past when you had to deal with a complex legal case. Practice your speaking voice and body language It’s important to make a positive and lasting impression during the interview process. If you are applying to a vacation scheme or a training contract, the interview will most likely be the first time you find yourself speaking to your prospective employers face to face. Remember: they will have been in your seat several times! The better you prepare for each challenge, the better your chances of succeeding will be. Practise giving evidence of your transferable skills with a friend, being as concise as you possibly can but including all the essential details. Want to continue your job search? Try to conduct the practice interview in the same format as the real interview. Explore different areas of law and find your perfect practice area. The best way to feel confident and calm any nerves before an interview is to prepare thoroughly. After adequately preparing for the interview, the best advice to follow is just to be yourself. 4. If you’ve never experienced a legal interview, however, you may not know what kinds of questions to expect. 4 Tips To Prepare for In-house Legal Interviews 1. This might include speaking to representatives at law firms or reaching out to anyone you might know who’s worked or trained there. Here are 10 tips for additional guidance when trying to land a competitive legal … I also did a shadowing placement at a solicitors firm employing four people during the Easter holiday of my first year.". Commercial awareness is a key graduate attribute. Though the legal industry is currently one of the strongest sectors for recruitment growth, job interviews can be a daunting process wherever you are in your career. Identify the Likely Questions to Be Asked. Even the most adept of candidates can find themselves with a mental block from time to time. You should find out as much as you can about the firm/organisation before arriving for an interview. Stay ahead of the curve with the latest.... AllAboutLaw host employability events for aspiring solicitors. Questions of this kind frequently crop up in graduate job interviews, and it’s important to consider why the question is being asked. Even if you don’t have a person specification, the job description or some research into similar roles will give you a good idea of the competencies your employer is likely to be looking for. Larger firms, however, receive so many applications that the number of face-to-face interviews would be completely impractical if they operated in the same manner as smaller firms. These events are designed for students who want to secure a vacation scheme or training contract. Your non-verbal communication can give a lot away about how enthusiastic you are about the position, so make sure you’re not giving the wrong signals. And, as Ken adds, “even if you know that the company has a dress-down policy, it’s always best to ask your recruiter beforehand or err on the side of caution if you’re unsure and opt for suitable business attire.”. In this post, you can reference some of the most common interview questions for a legal officer interview along with appropriate answer samples. It is important that your questions have a genuine air about them. It doesn't matter what stage of your legal career you're at: you're going to find yourself in an interview situation sooner or later, whether it be for a training contract or a pupillage. Make sure the room you choose is tidy and use a clean and simple background so that the recruiter focuses on you. One other thing I would add would be to remind clients to bring the documents to the interview or have them email them to you beforehand. This is your online commercial awareness hub. When you’ve reached the interview stage, you can be confident that on paper you’re a potential appointee. A legal counsel is an in-house legal consultant found in a variety of industries. You don’t need to be … These are designed to assess how well you can think on your feet, analyse situations under pressure and keep calm. Whether we like it or not, first impressions are extremely important. All you have to do is to brainstorm your experiences handling difficult people or situations and then have your top two examples in mind to answer this or a similarly-phrased question. If you impress a small or mid-sized firm with your application, you will likely to be invited to a face-to-face interview at the office. Prepare how you will describe the situation, what you did and the outcome. Now you’ll have to prove yourself at the interview. Current events relating to the legal career or careers you are hoping to enter. Great blog Nancy. Legal recruitment, Law jobs, Legal vacancies The best way to feel confident and calm any nerves before an interview is to prepare thoroughly. Get all the info you need, click and apply. If you go into the interview knowing that you have a good grasp of the company, the job and your own abilities, you will be able to answer any questions thrown at you during the interview in a clear and well-informed manner. Use formal language which reflects the context of the interview, instead of colloquialisms and idioms. The night before, you should get a good night’s sleep and try to relax. Most have websites and are also happy to send brochures to interview candidates. Make sure you’ve got clean and formal clothes to wear. Interview Questions for a Receptionist at a Law Firm. Be aware that everyone will have access to a basic level of information using the internet, so any research you can do beyond that will make you a stronger candidate. “If you’re a senior candidate with years of experience you should include a couple of career success stories in your CV with some key points about each one,” she says. There is no absolute right or wrong answer. Research all you can about the firm, including its attorneys, its specialized areas and the details of the specific job you’re aiming for. Browse by location and firm type. I found this happened quite regularly when volunteering at CLCs and your advice and interview will be curtailed if you can't consider a legal documents. Take the worry out of your next interview by following these quick and easy tips from our industry experts…. With law firms constantly seeking more efficient and cost-effective ways to recruit trainees and vacation schemers, video interviews are becoming an increasingly common method of assessment. Certification is also a good way to screen candidates. You will probably know that the UK population is approximately 60 million. Privacy Policy Cookie Policy Policy Library, The first few moments of your interview can have a decisive impact on how well the rest of it goes. Origin Legal. “If you ask something to make yourself sound clever, then you should also have an answer prepared for your own question just in case the interviewer turns it around and asks you for your opinion. Looking for an LPC? Their communication skills and attention to detail should also be evaluated. Whatever position you’re applying for in the legal profession, you'll need to demonstrate the ability to analyse complex information and communicate with people at all levels—and there are some key ways you can prove this in an interview. No one is absolutely perfect at every part of their job. When going for a new position, it’s essential that candidates frame any experience they have in a positive way that’s tailored to the role, says Ken. “When you’re going to an interview for a legal position, the first impression always matters,” says Lindy, who advises her candidates to dress professionally and appropriately to let hiring managers know they are serious about the position. We can also help you find a training provider. The law firm's hiring partners may ask you questions about recent court... Research the law firm. The best way to feel confident and calm any nerves before an interview is to prepare thoroughly. Before heading into an interview, Lindy advises her candidates to research all the latest market developments within the legal industry that might be relevant to the prospective employer. Less is more when it comes to your CV, advises Ken Okumura, senior manager at Robert Walters’ London office. Hiring managers won’t want to hear about a matter you only took the meeting minutes for.”, Even if you’ve only mentioned them briefly on your CV, Ken suggests preparing a clear and concise description of each of your previous roles before an interview. Legal secretaries who are confident, tech-savvy analytical thinkers with respect for the law are among the most sought-after. Focusing on the right field will save you a lot of time in your interview preparation. It’s likely they won’t, but it shows that you’re articulate and well prepared.”. Apply to attend virtual open days with the UK's leading law firms. Our expert tips show you how…. After doing your research on the job description, be prepared to have 3 or 4 of these relevant interview stories ready to use. Copyright © 2020 AllAboutCareers Ltd. All Rights Reserved. If you’re not asked a similar question, interject your story when it is appropriate, but try not to over-do it. Commercial awareness questions will often look like this: "What can you tell me about our competitors? To find out more, please view our cookies policy. Legal officer interview questions & answers.. Never ask a question you’re not prepared to answer yourself.”. Posted by Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe (UK) LLP. Asking the right questions in an interview can be the most effective way for a candidate to demonstrate their ambition for the role but, as Ken advises, candidates should also prepare the right answers. Tell me about your ability to work under […] They may simply be drilling down to find enough evidence to meet or—ideally—exceed the competence in question. During an assessment centre, a law firm will test your suitability for the position you’ve applied to. Keeping a lookout for an LLM? If you continue without changing your settings, we'll assume that you are happy to receive all cookies on the Robert Walters website. Whether you’re just starting out or you’re an experienced lawyer with many successful years behind you, having strong interview skills is essential to making the right moves in your career. Go for it! What the recruiter wants to test with this question is whether you are self-aware enough to recognise your areas of weakness and whether you’re proactive enough to address them. Being a legal secretary can be a rewarding and exciting career, and performing well in your interview can put you closer to the job you want. View and apply for our latest jobs. “Don’t get too intimidated if you’re being interviewed by a senior partner in a law firm — just remember that they were once in your shoes,” he says. The receptionist at a law firm is exposed to various types of people and responsibilities while on the job. Finally, it’s important that you make a good first impression. Find the latest training contracts and vacation schemes at the best law firms in the UK. This is your chance to find out more about working for the firm and an opportunity to re-emphasise your motivation. Discover the firms that can offer everything you're looking for in a legal career. It’s the same principle when it comes to estimating the number of baked beans eaten per week, or anything else that might be thrown your way—what’s crucial is that you provide your reasoning. You can also search the websites of the legal press for a more objective view. When helping candidates prepare for interviews, Ken always reminds them to remain level-headed. Be open and conversational.”. Sign up for our brand new diversity courses. It helps if you have already started to tackle your area of weakness and are able to provide some valuable evidence.

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