lume natural deodorant

I have the same experiences as you. I don’t shower daily (except aforementioned hormone stank) and I find that I can go two days on one application. I guess I’ll be ordering new ones to try…wish me luck…I’m going to need it in this constant hot humid South Florida weather! The big test is summer weather! Currently unavailable. The tube says it's not as messy as before, but did that change alter its effectiveness? Fingers crossed! It’s coconut oil, baking soda and cornstarch. feet too! My feet stank is legendary. Haven’t found it yet, but loved your review of stuff! Does it leave any residue on clothing or white marks if you wear tops that show your pits? If the smell is tough I will wipe with alcohol. I don’t know if you or any of your readers have the same issue that I do, where basically I smell immediately after showering (even after scrubbing my armpits with a clean washcloth and soap and then also washing with body wash). I’m prone to mrsa skin infections, so skipping shaving has helped me. Hopefully it won’t stop working. I have tried other brands and not satisfied. Lume is an innovator in the natural deodorant space with its line of vegan, aluminum-free, cruelty-free, and baking soda-free deodorants. I do not reapply in the morning. I just started using Lume (unscented) last week and I’m hopeful… so far it seems to last through the day, though I don’t think I can taper yet. I was truly shocked at first, and thought it was just a bad batch, so opened all of them checking on amount of fragrance, no luck! I think it works for about 24 hours but my daughter says I still smell a little “like body.” Body is fine to me, BO is not and I think it continues to prevent that without irritation like I’ve found with many natural deodorants. But at least we can throw options of brands out there for people to try! I am fairly new to natural deodorants (secret clinical all the way!). I use the roll-on because I find it the most convenient. Spread evenly in armpits and leave on for 5-20 minutes. Based on my previous natural deodorant experiences, I cannot guarantee that I will continue to like Lume. It’s too expensive for me to feel like giving up easily, and I don’t want to go back to commercial products, but I am very frustrated. What are these trolls??? The formula is creamy, absorbs nicely, leaves skin feeling soft and moisturized. I tried Piper Wai in 2017? I promise, this isn’t normal for me. Good luck, if you try it, i hope it works for you like it’s doing for me. Yes I still smell, that is my natural pheromones. I’m in the same boat as you, I can do barely anything and smell bad. My husband uses up the stick, thinks it works okay, though not as effective as Piperwai. At first, it was great. Have you tried Each & Every? I never got the 72 hours out of it, but would at least get 24. And then one night snuggling on the couch with my kid watching a movie she said, “I don't want to be rude but you kind of stink.” Previous deodorants, I smelled the issue before others but maybe from being at home so much this year I'm not as aware since I'm not as exposed to non- my home and body smells? I’ve tried many of the same, with similar results. I’ve been using Lume for almost two years and have been stink free/rash free the entire time. The chlorophyll drops or the lavelin soap? So I have to stick with scents like the lavender. I’m so glad I’m not the only one! Available in three scents, I chose Lavender & Vanilla. Lume was better at controlling odor, so stopped using it. After about a week I noticed my body odor getting worse and worse. The only thing that ever my armpit odor away was a yeast infection that left my pits itchy for weeks. And I have never gotten more than 24-28 hrs out of my deod/anti-perspirant, ever. i will be checking out some of the ones you tried and others mentioned in the comments. I’ve noticed that when I use the Lume deodorant consistently, the amount my body sweats actually seems to lessen over time. I had multiple Wardrobe Oxygen readers tell me they had tried the roll-on deodorant from Real Purity, a cruelty-free skin and body care line made in the USA, and found it extremely effective. And it’s so embarrassing, I’m a hairstylist so I’ve got my pits in peoples faces all the time, I cannot smell like this. Check out Dove, they have an aluminum free one. My only complaint is that the packaging does not hold up for traveling. I was getting rashes even from the regular ones. No smell in 48 hours and I live in Arizona in 115 degree weather. I'm so jealous. This is a review deodorant for crying out loud, not a life saving drug! when i am not using deo when im at home…i have the worst BO of my life. It felt great under the arms, in general, it was pretty darn good. Sharmani. Just gonna keep my fingers crossed and hope to find/make a deodorant perfect for me one day! This a great post. The Evolve Organic Beauty one is superb: . Im a nurse and it gets me thru my long shifts. Try it, you won't be disappointed!". Usually don’t have to reapply unless I’ve been working out heavily/ stuck in brutal humidity all day. I’ll try dress shields, if they still make them. I could cry, finding out I’m not the only one! It’s a stick and even after a year of daily use, I still have product so at $22, I consider this a good purchase. I’ve created a series of posts about the business of blogging to better explain how these partnerships work. Myro seems to be controlling odor, but it feels little too wet when I apply. I’m very active, and a firefighter by occupation. Ugh! This item is currently out of stock, and is expected to ship on . Just heartened to see I’m not the only one. True! Now using Myro. Even through the hottest summer months. This means that clicking on and purchasing through a link may earn me a small commission. Kiss My Face was bought out & they’re finally getting product back into the pipeline. Interesting blog

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